Clean keto Thai chicken soup

Clean keto Thai chicken soup


4 chicken breasts

1 can of palmini spaghetti 

1 flat of white sliced mushrooms

1 bunch of green onions


Bone broth

chicken bouillon 

seasonings(turmeric,garlic,crushed red pepper,curry powder)

1.I baked the chicken in low carb sesame teriyaki sauce for 30 minutes at 

2.I cut all the chicken into bite sized pieces.Chop the mushrooms and green onions.

3.I put the broth into the pressure cooker add your drained can of palmini spaghetti,your chopped chicken,mushrooms,green onions and seasoning. Set on high for 3 hrs. Add veggies for the last 10 minutes so they still have some snap. I garnished mine with a slice of lime. 

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