Livin’ la vida low carb-Easy all week lunch recipe

Livin’ la vida low carb-Easy all week lunch recipe

Chicken Caesar Salad is one of the easiest and tastiest lunches even if you’re not into meal prepping you can make one simple batch of chicken and have your lunch ready for the whole work week . I use a

3 lb bag frozen of chicken tenderloin strips 

3 tblspns Roast chicken flavored better than bouillon seasoning 

3 tblspns Butter 

Seasoned Pepper to taste 

1 large bag of hearts of romaine lettuce

Parmesan cheese 

Your favorite Caesar dressing (I like Marie’s but there are so many good ones )

Melt your butter in a large skillet and add your better than bouillon seasoning(it’s like a paste) and then
you put your chicken in the skillet on medium heat and sprinkle on your seasoned pepper. Flip all the chicken over and add pepper to the other side and then cover your chicken and let it cook for 10 minutes . Check for doneness. If you like your chicken browned a bit take the lid of and cook for a few more minutes with the heat up a tad higher . Allow your chicken to cool so it won’t wilt all your lettuce . Cut up a few pieces and toss with a couple cups of your hearts of romaine, Parmesan and Caesar dressing . You will have enough chicken for several salads . I keep my chicken in a Tupperware and cut it up as I make each salad . This recipe really has no carbs either except if your Caesar dressing has a few . 

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