Livin’ la vida low carb-party meatballs

Livin’ la vida low carb-party meatballs

The holiday season often brings parties and parties have a whole lot of temptation for those of us who live a low carb lifestyle. Sugar free , low carb snacks and even cocktails are actually much easier to come by than ever. It’s just a matter of knowing a few little tricks. Of course charcuterie are great for keto but I have another great option for you. When I throw a party I like to make party meatballs and the regular recipe contains a ton of sugar but I’ve modified my version so that it is totally sugar free! Here’s what you need.

•2 bags of frozen homestyle meatballs 
•1 jar of sugar free grape jelly(I know it sounds really odd but trust me, it’s good)

•1 bottle of sugar free bbq sauce

•1 bottle of sugar free teriyaki sauce

•Sesame seeds ( if you like them)

It couldn’t be easier to make these . Just throw all of your ingredients in a crock pot mix it up to coat meatballs with the sauce. Cover and turn on your crock pot or insta pot and let them cook on for 4 hrs. I leave them on warm after the four hours and serve them on toothpicks. If you like spicy food you can add some crushed red pepper flakes to your crock pot before you turn it on. These are a crowd pleaser even if you are serving folks who usually eat sugar. 


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