LLVLC- Gluten free keto pie crust recipe

LLVLC- Gluten free keto pie crust recipe

Hey friends ,

Let’s make delicious pie crusts for our holiday pies and pot pies too! This recipe can be used for both sweet and savory pies ! It’s perfect for keto pumpkin pie or for the coconut cream mousse I made in a previous blog post ! Here’s the ingredients : (Double the ingredients and make a second dough ball for pot pies or any pie you want to have a top) 

1 large egg

3/4 cup coconut flour

3/4 cup almond flour 

1/2 cup melted butter 

1 teaspoon salt (I use Himalayan salt)

combine your dry ingredients with the melted butter.

Add your large egg and mix into a dough ball 

spread your dough ball out into a pie pan 

bake for 12 minutes at 375 degrees 

Once your pie crust has cooled for several minutes , you can fill it as desired and enjoy ! I will post a recipe for a pot pie with this pie crust as well ! Love to you all . ❤️


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