The low carb monte cristo sandwich

The low carb monte cristo sandwich

I attended my sister in love’s birthday party last month and I had a fantastic monte cristo sandwich! Well I’ve been thinking about it ever since! And I also have started making my own fresh raspberry sauce which is what was served with my monte cristo that day so I thought I’d just make a low carb version of it! I just swap out the regular bread with low carb bread and I make my allulose into powdered allulose in the spice grinder for the powdered sugar. I use heavy whipping cream in the egg batter and then make my sugar free raspberry sauce to dip it in!

Here’s the recipe I used and just made the substitutions I listed above:

Oh and if you’d like to make home fries with it you can use this great recipe:

Here’s the link to my raspberry sauce recipe:

Once you have go-to swaps for high carb ingredients any recipe can be made to fit your lifestyle.

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